Workmen’s Auto Insurance Legit?

Yes, Workmen’s auto insurance is legit. 

If you’re looking for a car insurance company that helps people who might have a harder time getting coverage, Workmen’s Auto Insurance is your go-to place.

They’re a company from California that’s been offering car insurance since 1949.

But is Workmen’s Auto Insurance legit?

How does it stack up against other insurance companies regarding what they cover, how much they charge, and how they treat their customers?

In this article, we’ll explore these questions and more, so you can figure out if Workmen’s Auto Insurance is the best fit for you.

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What is Workmen’s Auto Insurance?

Workmen’s Auto Insurance Company is a car insurance company located in Southern California.

Workmen mainly cover drivers who have trouble getting insurance elsewhere, like those with a history of accidents or bad driving records.

They’re part of a bigger company called Mercury Insurance Group. You can buy their insurance through independent agents.

They offer different ways to pay your premiums and you can even start a claim online or by calling them.

Remember, their prices and ratings are based on this specific group of drivers, so when comparing them to other insurance companies, make sure it’s with similar ones.

Insurance Coverage Options from Workmen’s

Workmen’s focuses on providing auto insurance in California, offering a variety of options from basic coverage to more comprehensive plans.

Here’s what they offer:

  • Bodily injury liability: You can choose coverage with limits up to $500,000 per person and $500,000 per accident.
  • Full coverage: This helps cover the cost of repairing your vehicle if it’s damaged in an accident. Whether you’ve just moved to California, recently got your license, or have had some trouble on the road, Workmen’s is willing to help you find the right coverage for your needs.

Discount Options

Workmen’s provides various discounts to help drivers in California get the most affordable rates.

Always ensure you inquire about these discount opportunities if you decide to go with them for your insurance.

Here are the discounts they offer:

  1. Multi-vehicle: Save money if you have more than one car insured with Workmen’s.
  2. Safe driver: Show you have a clean driving history to get a discount on your policy.
  3. Good student: Students with good grades may qualify for a discount on their auto insurance.
  4. Anti-theft: Lower premiums if your car has anti-theft features.
  5. Defensive driver: Take a defensive driving course to improve your skills and possibly get a discount.
  6. Vehicle safety features: Get rewarded with lower rates if your car has safety features.
  7. New vehicle: Save on insurance for new cars with advanced safety features.
  8. Emergency military deployment: Receive a discount if you get emergency deployment orders, helping to reduce financial stress.

What are the Pros of Workmen’s Auto Insurance?

One big plus is that they take on drivers who might get turned down by other insurance companies because they’re seen as riskier.

They also help with SR-22 filings, which some states need if you’ve been in serious traffic trouble, like getting a DUI or driving recklessly.

Additionally, they have customer service agents who speak both Spanish and English, so it’s easier for everyone to talk to them.

Cons of Workmen’s Auto Insurance

One major drawbacks is that it only provides auto insurance in California. So, if you live elsewhere or plan to move, you’ll need to find a different provider.

Additionally, Workmen’s Auto Insurance doesn’t directly sell insurance on its website. Instead, you have to go through local agents or brokers, which might limit your choices and convenience.

Their coverage options are somewhat limited too. They don’t offer extras like roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, or gap insurance.

Moreover, Workmen’s Auto Insurance rates might be higher than other companies, especially if you have a good driving record or credit score.

Since their lists do not display online rates, you have to reach out to an agent or broker for a quote.

Some customers have complained that their rates go up without explanation, according to reviews.


Workmen’s Auto Insurance is a legit car insurance company that helps high-risk drivers, but it might not suit everyone.

They’re good because they accept drivers with bad records or credit, handle SR-22 filings, and have bilingual customer service.

However, there are downsides too. They only work in California, don’t sell policies online, offer limited coverage, and their rates can be higher.

Customer opinions vary. Some are happy, some aren’t.

If you’re considering them, talk to an agent, compare quotes, read the policy carefully, and check reviews.

More importantly, Workmen’s Auto Insurance might work for high-risk drivers, but it’s not for everyone.

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