Will Auto Insurance cover DUI Accidents?

Will Auto Insurance cover DUI Accidents?

Whether your car insurance covers a totaled vehicle in a DUI accident depends on your policy.

In some cases, illegal activity may lead to coverage denial.

However, in Texas, the liability part of your insurance can cover the other driver’s expenses, including totaled vehicles, due to alcohol-related accidents.

Your insurance may also cover your totaled vehicle but could result in higher future rates.

An image illustrating; Will Auto Insurance cover DUI Accidents
Will Auto Insurance cover DUI Accidents
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How a Lawyer Can Help After a DUI Accident

A DUI only applies to underage drinking in Texas, while a DWI is for adults over 21.

Both have separate penalties.

After a DUI accident, you might face criminal charges and lawsuits for expenses.

A lawyer can help by checking BAC test accuracy, reducing criminal and financial responsibility, and dealing with insurance consequences if found at fault.

The Short- and Long-Term Costs of a DUI Conviction

A DUI conviction has serious consequences beyond insurance concerns.

In Texas, a first-time DUI may lead to a $500 fine, 30-180 days of license suspension, 8-40 hours of community service, and mandatory alcohol awareness classes.

Repeat offenses, especially with a child in the car, result in harsher penalties, including a special ignition switch requirement after two convictions.

Expect a significant increase in insurance rates. Consulting a lawyer after a DUI-related accident can help minimize the legal and financial impact.

Can Auto Insurers Refuse to Pay a DUI Claim?

Despite expectations, insurers might refuse to pay, citing intentional acts of exclusion.

They may claim excessive drinking implies intent, arguing a reasonable person would know it’s unsafe.

This subjective issue can be contested with a strong defense.

An image illustration of DUI Accidents covered by Auto Insurance
DUI Accidents covered by Auto Insurance
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Conclusion: Will Auto Insurance cover DUI Accidents?

Whether auto insurance covers DUI accidents depends on policy terms and jurisdictional regulations.

While some insurers may deny claims due to the intentional act exclusion, others may provide coverage for damages.

It is crucial for individuals to thoroughly review their insurance policies, seek legal advice if involved in a DUI accident, and consider the potential impact on coverage and rates.

Understanding the specific terms of one’s insurance policy is key to navigating the aftermath of a DUI-related incident.

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