What does Endurance Auto Warranty Cover

What does Endurance Auto Warranty Cover?

Endurance sells extended warranties for new and used cars, covering repairs after the factory warranty expires.

They handle claims directly, unlike many competitors who use third-party administrators.

They partnered with Repair Pal for repair shop access and boast over $355 million in claims paid since 2006.

With half a million customers, they’ve won awards for customer service and employee treatment, including a Women’s Choice Award in 2021.

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What does Endurance Auto Warranty Cover
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Endurance Plans and Coverage

Secure Plus

Endurance’s basic plan, Secure Plus, is tailored for older vehicles, focusing on major components like the engine, transmission, and more.

It’s described as affordable coverage suitable for aging vehicles.


The mid-range plan, Superior, extends coverage beyond Secure Plus, including additional components such as the cooling system, suspension, and vehicle’s electrical system.

It addresses the complexities of modern vehicles.


Endurance’s top-tier plan, Supreme, offers comprehensive coverage, including all components covered in lower-tier plans plus critical gaskets.

This coverage is crucial as seals degrade over time and can lead to costly repairs.

For California residents, there are three similar plans: Standard, Premium, and Elite Plus, categorized as “Mechanical Breakdown Insurance.”

These plans provide varying levels of coverage, with Elite Plus being the most comprehensive, claiming to cover nearly every part, component, and vehicle system.

Are Car Warranties & Car Insurance the Same?

It’s easy to confuse car warranties with car insurance, but they serve different purposes and provide distinct forms of protection for your vehicle.

Car insurance is a legal requirement in most states, offering coverage for various situations such as collisions, liability, personal injury, uninsured motorists, and theft.

It’s essential for vehicle owners and is typically provided by standard insurance companies.

On the other hand, extended vehicle warranties are optional but recommended.

They specifically cover repair costs due to normal wear and tear, complementing insurance coverage for accidents, weather damage, or theft.

What Does an Extended Warranty Cover?

Extended warranties cater to wear and tear issues, with coverage depending on the chosen plan and provider. Generally, there are two main types:

  1. Powertrain coverage:
    • Protects essential parts like the engine, transmission, axles, and seals.
  2. Exclusionary coverage:
    • Offers comprehensive protection, including most vehicle components with few exclusions.

While both types of coverage are beneficial, costs vary based on the extent of coverage desired.

For instance, Endurance offers basic powertrain coverage starting at $99 per month with its Secure plan.

While the Supreme plan provides more comprehensive coverage at a higher price.

An image illustration of Endurance Auto Warranty Cover
Endurance Auto Warranty Cover
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Endurance auto warranty offers comprehensive coverage tailored to the needs of vehicle owners, protecting repair costs resulting from normal wear and tear.

With options ranging from basic powertrain coverage to more extensive exclusionary plans, Endurance ensures that customers have peace of mind on the road.

Whether safeguarding essential components like the engine and transmission or offering bumper-to-bumper protection.

Endurance strives to meet the diverse needs of its customers, ensuring they can drive with confidence knowing their vehicles are well-covered.


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