Root Auto Insurance Legit

Is Root Auto Insurance Legit?

Root is a real car insurance company, but it’s not for everyone.

If you’ve gotten tickets or been in accidents, you might be able to get a cheaper deal elsewhere.

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Root Auto Insurance Legit
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What Is Root Insurance?

Root is a new car insurance company (founded in 2015) that offers discounts to safe drivers.

They mainly consider your driving record, not things like age or credit score, which can affect rates with other insurers.

To get a quote, you’ll take a test drive period so they can assess your habits.

This can be a good option if you’re a safe driver looking for a better rate.

How Does Root Car Insurance Work?

Root Insurance uses a phone app to track your driving and set your insurance rate.

The app looks at things like how often you brake hard, how fast you turn corners, and even what time of day you drive.

This lets them reward safe drivers with lower rates.

So, if you drive carefully and don’t rack up tickets for things like speeding, you might save money by switching to Root, even if other companies consider you high-risk because of your age or car.

How Long Does a Root Insurance Test Drive Take?

The Root test drive to assess your driving habits takes about three weeks, on average, but can last up to four.

You can check the app to see how much longer it will track you.

Some users get a quote sooner, depending on how much they drive.

Once you get your personalized rate (which can take up to a month), it’s worth comparing it to other insurers offering similar coverage to see if Root is the best deal for you.

Root Insurance Coverage Options

Root offers standard car insurance options like liability, medical, comprehensive, and collision coverage.

They also cover things like roadside assistance and rentals.

How much coverage you need depends on your state, lender, and personal preferences.

Make sure you meet your state’s minimums and choose enough coverage for your needs.

Root also sells home and renters insurance, but these are newer offerings.

How to Save Money on Root Insurance

Root doesn’t offer typical discounts because their rates are based on driving habits.

But you can still save money with them:

  • Be a safe driver: Avoid accidents and tickets to keep your rates low.
  • Don’t use your phone while driving: Root offers a discount for focused driving.
  • Own a Tesla with Autopilot? You might get a discount!
  • Always compare quotes: See if Root offers the best deal before you commit.
  • Bundle your insurance: Buy multiple policies from Root for a potential discount.
  • Pay upfront: Consider paying your entire premium at once for possible savings.
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Root Auto Insurance

Root Insurance Reviews: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Easy access to insurance products and policies through the app Limited discounts
SR-22 certificate available Coverage is not available in all states
Rewards for good driving, not penalized for demographics Higher denial rate than some companies
Roadside assistance included in all policies Price increase possible with changes in driving habits

How to File a Root Insurance Claim

Filing a claim with Root Insurance is quick and easy through their mobile app:

  1. Open the app and take pictures of the damage to your car.
  2. Upload the photos and submit your claim.
  3. A Root representative will contact you to discuss your claim further.

The app lets you track the progress of your claim and receive updates.

However, the overall processing time depends on the details of your accident, similar to other insurance companies.

Root Auto Insurance Legit Wrap Up

Root is a legitimate car insurance company with a unique approach.

They focus on rewarding safe drivers with lower rates through a telematics app that tracks your driving habits.

This can be a good option for drivers with clean records who want a more personalized rate.

However, keep in mind that Root doesn’t offer many traditional discounts, coverage isn’t available in all states, and they might be more likely to deny coverage or raise rates for less-than-ideal driving behavior.

It’s always a good idea to compare quotes from multiple insurers before making a decision.


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