Is Root Car Insurance a Scam?

Is Root Car Insurance a Scam?

While Root reviews say you can save money, they only offer the best rates to drivers with spotless records.

If your driving history is clean, getting a quote from Root could be worthwhile when comparing car insurance options.

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Is Root Car Insurance Legit
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What Is Root Insurance?

Founded in 2015, Root is a car insurance company that focuses on safe drivers.

Unlike traditional companies that consider age, gender, and credit score, Root bases its rates on your driving habits.

This means safer drivers with clean records can expect significant savings.

Root analyzes your driving through a test drive period to determine your price.

This way, your quote reflects your actual behavior behind the wheel, not demographics outside your control.

How Does Root Car Insurance Work?

Unlike traditional insurance, Root uses a phone app to track your driving habits and set your rates.

During a test drive period, the app monitors factors like the time of day you drive, smoothness, speed, braking, and turning.

This lets them reward safe drivers with lower rates.

This is good news for low-mileage drivers with a clean record, who might be priced unfairly by other companies based on things like age, car type, or credit score (which Root prioritizes less).

So, even if you’ve been labeled “high-risk” elsewhere, you could qualify for a better deal with Root if you’re an actual safe driver.

How Long Does a Root Insurance Test Drive Take?

While the Root test drive can last up to four weeks, on average it’s closer to three.

You can check the app to see how much time is left.

Some users report getting quotes within a week or two, but it depends on how much you drive.

Once you receive a quote, you have 30 days to decide.

Before accepting, it’s wise to compare Root’s rates with other insurers offering similar coverage.

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Root Car Insurance
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Root Insurance Reviews: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Easy access to manage insurance products and policies through the app Limited discounts
SR-22 certificate available Not available in all states
Rewards for good driving behavior Rejects more applicants compared to other companies
No penalties for demographics, marital status, or credit score Price increase possible if driving habits change
Free roadside assistance included Highly rated mobile app required to track driving data

How to File a Root Insurance Claim

  1. Open the Root Insurance app.
  2. Take and upload photos of the vehicle damage.
  3. A customer service representative will contact you to complete the claim process.

The timeframe for claim resolution depends on the specifics of your accident, similar to most insurance companies.

The type of claim and the extent of the damage will impact how long it takes to process.

Is Root Car Insurance a Scam? Conclusion

Root isn’t a scam, but it’s a specific type of insurance that caters to safe drivers.

They use technology to assess your driving habits and offer lower rates to those with clean records.

This can be a great deal for qualified applicants.

However, keep in mind Root might not be the best fit for everyone.

They are pickier about who they insure and may deny coverage to drivers with less-than-perfect records.

Additionally, their services aren’t available in all states.

So, is Root right for you?

If you’re a safe driver and want a potentially cheaper option based on your driving, Root is worth considering.

However, compare quotes from other companies and ensure Root operates in your state before jumping in.


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