Is Jerry Auto Insurance Legit?

Is Jerry Auto Insurance Legit?

Jerry, a popular car insurance app (previously called, helps millions of drivers save money on car insurance and other car-related costs.

It acts like your own insurance assistant, comparing quotes from various companies (Progressive, Nationwide, GEICO, etc.) to find the best deals on car, home, and renters insurance.

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Is Jerry Auto Insurance Legit
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Jerry’s Pros and Cons

Feature Pros Cons
Cost Free to use the app May affect credit score when applying for a loan through Jerry
Communication No spam calls or texts
Credit Score Impact Getting quotes doesn’t impact credit score May receive inaccurate quotes
Accreditation Not BBB accredited

How Jerry Makes Car Insurance Shopping Easier

1: Provide Your Info

  • Visit Jerry’s website and enter details about your current insurance and driving record.

2: Download the App

  • Enter your phone number and scan a QR code to download the Jerry app (needed to finalize everything).

3: Review & Choose Quotes

  • See personalized quotes in the app.
  • Customize coverage levels (liability vs. full) and add extras.
  • Jerry recommends a plan, but you can adjust options like deductibles to see quote changes.
  • Jerry explains why some companies don’t offer quotes.

4: Auto-Renewal & Peace of Mind

  • Jerry automatically searches for better deals from over 50 providers before each renewal.
  • No need to talk to salespeople or agents to switch to a new policy.

Customer Reviews of Jerry: Pros and Cons

Positive Reviews:

  • Customers praise Jerry for its mobile app, which simplifies car insurance shopping (4.3 and 4.7-star ratings on Google Play and Apple Stores).
  • Users report significant savings on car insurance with Jerry.
  • The app’s AI technology and ease of use are frequently mentioned as advantages.
  • Customers appreciate a hassle-free insurance shopping experience.

Negative Reviews:

  • Jerry lacks accreditation with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Some users encountered conflicting information within the app.
  • Others reported issues with the app’s functionality.


Jerry receives positive feedback for its app-based convenience and reported cost savings. However, some users experienced app issues and a lack of BBB accreditation raises concerns.

Choosing a Car Insurance Comparison Tool: Jerry vs. The Rest

Here’s a breakdown of how Jerry stacks up against other car insurance comparison services:

  • Insurify: Both find you cheap rates, but Jerry focuses on a quick and easy app experience, while Insurify lets you compare quotes on their website with a unique “accuracy estimator” and the ability to adjust coverage and see quote changes instantly.

  • Gabi: Both offer quote comparisons, but Jerry shows them in the app, while Gabi delivers them via email. Jerry requires only a phone number, while Gabi might need your email. Jerry stands out with its app’s additional features like car maintenance reminders and recall checks.

  • NerdWallet: This is a broader financial website, not solely focused on insurance. Unlike Jerry, it lacks its quote comparison tool and directs you elsewhere ( for actual quotes.

Is Jerry a Spammy Site?

Don’t worry, Jerry isn’t spam!

They take data security seriously.

With their “DataLock Guarantee,” your information is encrypted and stays private.

They promise to never sell or share it with anyone, so you won’t be bombarded with unwanted messages.

Jerry Auto Insurance(FAQs)

Question Answer
Is Jerry free? Yes, using Jerry is completely free.
Can you trust Jerry’s insurance? Jerry promises to keep your information confidential and not spam you. They don’t sell your data to third parties.
Is Jerry accredited by the BBB? While BBB accreditation signifies reliability for many, Jerry hasn’t received it yet.
How does Jerry’s insurance make money? Jerry earns a commission from insurance providers when someone buys a policy through their platform. This commission is usually a percentage of the customer’s premium.
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Jerry Auto Insurance
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