Is Gainsco Auto Insurance Legit

Is Gainsco Auto Insurance Legit?

Gainsco, owned by State Farm, is an insurance company specializing in affordable car insurance for high-risk drivers.

They offer minimum coverage policies and cater to those needing SR-22 filings or insurance with suspended licenses.

While they have digital tools for managing policies, they might not be suitable for drivers seeking comprehensive coverage.

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Is Gainsco Auto Insurance Legit
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Gainsco Car Insurance: Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Covers high-risk drivers Limited coverage options
Owned by State Farm (large insurer) High complaint rate (NAIC)
Bilingual agents available No 24/7 customer service

Is Gainsco Insurance a good insurance company?

GAINSCO might be a good fit if you need high-risk car insurance, an SR-22 filing, or just minimum coverage.

Being owned by State Farm (a reputable company) might be a plus.

However, GAINSCO might not be the best option if you have a clean driving record and want more than basic coverage.

Also, customer service might be a downside.

Gainsco Tools and Benefits

For customers in covered states, GAINSCO offers additional features:

  • Agents: Over 7,000 independent agents can help you in person.
  • Mobile App (Android): Manage your policy, get quotes, and more with a full-featured app (Android only). iPhone users can access a claims app for quick estimates.
  • Online Tools: Get quotes, find answers to FAQs, and manage your policy or make payments through GAINSCO’s website.
  • Multilingual Support: Customer service representatives are available in English and Spanish.

What are the values of Gainsco?

It prioritizes keeping you protected on the road.

They achieve this by focusing on innovation in their car insurance solutions, dedication to their customers, and strong teamwork within the company.

Auto coverage offered by Gainsco

Gainsco offers two main types of car insurance:

  • Minimum Coverage: This meets the state’s legal requirements, typically including bodily injury and property damage liability for others involved in an accident you cause.
  • Full Coverage: This goes beyond the minimum and protects your car as well. It can include things like comprehensive coverage (for damage from theft, weather, or animals), collision coverage (for damage from accidents), towing and rental car reimbursement, and of course, the liability coverage mentioned earlier.

Auto insurance discounts offered by Gainsco

Gainsco offers several ways to save money on your car insurance, though specific discounts may vary by location.

Here are some common discounts they provide:

  • Being a safe driver: Gainsco may reward you with a discount for having previous insurance coverage.
  • Setting it and forgetting it: You can save money by setting up automatic payments (autopay).
  • Bundling your policies: Owning a homeowner’s policy with Gainsco could qualify you for a discount.
  • Good grades for good students: Young drivers with good grades might be eligible for a student discount.
  • Paying upfront: Paying your entire policy premium at once (pay-in-full) could lead to a discount.
An Infographic illustrating Auto Insurance Discounts Offered by Gainsco
An Infographic illustrating Auto Insurance Discounts Offered by Gainsco


Gainsco is a legitimate car insurance company, especially for high-risk drivers needing minimum coverage or an SR-22 filing.

It’s backed by the major insurer State Farm.

However, customer service might be a downside, and coverage options are limited compared to standard insurers.

So, it’s best suited for specific needs, not necessarily for those seeking comprehensive coverage or top-notch customer service.


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