Is Duck Duck Auto Insurance Legit?

Is Duck Duck Auto Insurance Legit?

The article discusses Duck Duck Auto, a website that helps you compare car insurance options in the United States.

They aim to find you cheaper and faster car insurance than what’s available elsewhere.

The article promises to tell you all you need to know about Duck Duck Auto and whether their car insurance deals are real.

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Is Duck Duck Auto Insurance Legit
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What Is Duck Duck Auto?

Duck Duck Auto isn’t an insurance company but a comparison tool you can access online.

It lets you enter your details and then see car insurance quotes from various providers in your area, allowing you to compare prices and pick the best option for you.

This can be helpful if you’re having trouble finding affordable insurance due to factors like low credit or accidents.

While Duck Duck Auto itself isn’t an insurance company, it works with licensed insurers across the US.

After you enter your information, you’ll get quotes from these partners.

The company gained some attention through its TV ads featuring a duck driving a pink car, targeting drivers with the slogan “Get Your Ducks in a Row.”

Duck Duck Auto Features & Benefits

Shop for car insurance quickly and easily:

Forget contacting numerous companies – Duck Duck Auto puts them in competition for you. Just fill out a simple online form and get instant quotes from nearby insurers.

Broad comparison across providers:

They work with various insurers, including small local players, regional companies, and major national brands. See their best rates all at once to find the best fit.

Find discounts you qualify for:

Whether you’ve been accident-free for years, insure multiple vehicles, drive a safe car, or have good grades, Duck Duck Auto highlights relevant discounts offered by different insurers in your area.

Great for high-risk drivers:

Struggling to find affordable insurance with a poor driving record? Duck Duck Auto is designed to help high-risk drivers get competitive quotes, even if traditional channels offer high prices.

Insurance Available Through Duck Duck Auto

Focus on High-Risk Drivers: Duck Duck Auto caters to drivers with a rough driving history who struggle to get insurance elsewhere.

This might include people with multiple tickets, accidents, or driving without insurance.

Insurance Options: They offer four main coverage levels:

  • State Minimum: This cheapest option meets your state’s minimum legal requirements to drive, but doesn’t cover your vehicle damage.
  • Good, Better, Best: These plans offer increasing amounts of bodily injury and property damage liability coverage and uninsured motorist protection.

Adding Coverage: You can customize your policy by adding:

  • Ridesharing Coverage: If you drive for Uber, Lyft, etc., you can add this protection during the application process.
  • Collision & Comprehensive: The base plans only cover other people’s property. To protect your car, choose “Extended Vehicle Protection” during your online application.
  • Homeownership Discount: Bundling your home and auto insurance with Duck Duck Auto can save you around 20%.

Wrapping Up

Duck Duck Auto is a real service that helps you compare car insurance quotes.

While they don’t directly provide insurance, they partner with US Insurance Online to show you options from various insurers in your area.

This lets you compare rates from small local companies to major national brands and find the best fit for your situation.

Duck Duck Auto could be a helpful resource if you’ve had trouble getting affordable insurance elsewhere due to your driving record.

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Duck Duck Insurance
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