Is Chubb Auto Insurance Legit?

Is Chubb Auto Insurance Legit?

Chubb is a major insurance company in the U.S., especially for businesses.

They offer insurance not just in the U.S. but in many other countries too.

Chubb sells insurance plans that cover things like classic cars and other vehicles.

They even provide help before you need to make a claim, such as restoration services, and will cover repairs or losses if your car is in an accident.

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Is Chubb Auto Insurance Legit
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How does Chubb Auto Insurance work?

Getting a Quote and Coverage:

  • You can get a free quote for Chubb auto insurance by calling their customer service line.

Focus on High-Value Cars:

  • Chubb’s insurance plans tend to be geared towards more expensive vehicles, with benefits like unlimited daily rental car coverage (up to $15,000) and using original parts for repairs. They also offer protection for your personal information if your car gets totaled.

Convenient Claims with Mobile App:

  • Chubb offers a mobile app that makes it easy to estimate damage, file claims, pay bills, and access your insurance ID cards.

Is Chubb a good Insurance Company?

Chubb: Great for Expensive Cars, Not Budgets

Chubb caters to those prioritizing top-notch service and comprehensive coverage, even if it means paying more.

They’re a good fit for wealthy drivers, especially those with classic or collector cars.

Their plans offer extensive coverage, including unlimited mileage, rental car reimbursement, roadside assistance, and repairs using original parts.

You also get to choose your repair shop.

However, if saving money on car insurance is your main concern, Chubb might not be the best option.

Chubb Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Chubb goes beyond basic home insurance.

They offer coverage for condos, renters, flood, and even high-value homes.

Their policies include unique features like replacement cost upgrades, cash payouts, and security consultations.

You can even add protection from cybercrime and identity theft.

While Chubb might cost more upfront than other insurers, they have discounts to bring those prices down.

These discounts depend on your location, type of home, and safety features.

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Chubb Auto Insurance
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Chubb Auto Insurance Pros & Cons

Feature Description
PROS Customizable policies
PROS Customer picks their repair shop
PROS Classic car coverage
CONS Can be pricey
CONS Limited discounts

Wrapping Up

Chubb auto insurance is legit.

It’s a major insurance company with a long history and a strong financial standing.

However, “legit” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s your right choice.

Chubb caters to those who value high-level service and comprehensive coverage, even if it means paying more.

Their plans are ideal for expensive cars or classic car collections.

Other insurers might offer more affordable options if you’re on a tight budget.


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