Is Budget Auto Insurance Legit?

Is Budget Auto Insurance Legit?

Budget Direct’s Comprehensive Car Insurance is favored by many motorists due to its extensive coverage for unintentional harm.

Along with the automatic inclusion of post-accident support within the policy.

Moreover, it provides a high level of flexibility, allowing policyholders to tailor their coverage by opting for features.

Such features are reduced windscreen excess, roadside assistance, or the freedom to select their preferred repairer.

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Is Budget Auto Insurance Legit
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Budget Direct Comprehensive Car Insurance Overview

Established in 2000, Budget Direct has served over three million Australians with its range of insurance products covering home, pet, travel, and car insurance.

As stated on its website, Auto & General Insurance Company Limited, an Australian insurer regulated by APRA, backs the policies.

Budget Direct’s comprehensive car insurance has garnered numerous accolades from industry experts.

Notably winning Canstar’s National Outstanding Value Car Insurance Award for 17 consecutive years.

Having an average rating of 3.8 stars from 8306 reviews on Product Review, it’s recognized as the sixth-best comprehensive car insurance option in our selection for Australian consumers.

Below, we delve into the specifics of Budget Direct’s Comprehensive Car Insurance policy, including its automatic features, discounts, and circumstances where claims may not be applicable.

What Budget Cover?

  • Budget Direct Comprehensive Car Insurance offers options for market or agreed value.
  • Covers accidents, break-ins, and after-accident care.
  • Provides a hire car if the accident is not the policyholder’s fault.
  • Offers towing, emergency transport, and accommodation if the car is undriveable.
  • Covers accidental damage to car and personal items up to certain limits.
  • Will replace policyholder’s car if written off within first two years or 40,000 km.
  • Choice to add own repairer or purchase roadside assistance separately.

Claims Process:

  • Claim online or via phone, with a 24/7 online portal.
  • Separate phone lines for inquiries and claims, plus live chat.

Can I Receive Discounts on Budget Direct Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Budget Direct incorporates safe driving and low mileage considerations into your premium rather than offering direct discounts.

The “safe driving” discount is based on your claims history, with drivers potentially receiving up to a 15% discount on their premium upon policy inception.

The concept of “drive less, pay less” isn’t explicitly provided as a discount in Budget Direct’s policy, but it influences the premium calculation.

Currently, Budget Direct offers a 15% discount for the first year of online purchase of the Comprehensive Car Insurance policy.

Is Budget Direct a Provider of Insurance?

Budget Direct Insurance | Recognized as the 2024 Insurer of the Year Award-Winning Australian Insurance Provider

Money magazine has honored us as the Best of the Best 2024 recipient for Best-Value Car Insurance for six consecutive years.

Canstar consistently recognizes us with national awards for Outstanding Value Car Insurance (2007–23) and Outstanding Value Home & Contents Insurance (2017–23).

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Budget Auto Insurance
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Budget Auto Insurance appears to be a legitimate insurance provider.

As evidenced by its consistent recognition and awards within the industry.

These accolades suggest that Budget Auto Insurance offers reputable services and products within the insurance market.

However, it’s always advisable for consumers to conduct thorough research and review the specific terms and conditions of any insurance policy before making a decision.


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