How to Check if My Auto Insurance is Active

Most Americans often drive under the assumption that they possess insurance, only to discover that their coverage has expired, been terminated, or is inactive due to other reasons.

Merely obtaining an auto insurance policy doesn’t guarantee its activation.

To keep your policy active, it’s important to consistently pay the monthly premiums as required by the insurance provider.

Additionally, there’s the possibility that your insurance may have reached its expiration date.

As long as you ensure your auto insurance remains unexpired and diligently pay your monthly premiums in time, your coverage should stay active.

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How to Check If My Auto Insurance is Active
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How to Check If My Auto Insurance is Active

To verify the status of your car insurance, you have several options.

You can check online, contact your insurer, or inquire at your car registration office.

For an online check:

  1. Visit your insurance company’s website.
  2. Input your policy number and choose “Check Car Insurance Status.”
  3. Include details for vehicle rental agreements.
  4. The website will display your coverage and its extent.
  5. If any issues arise, the website will guide you on corrective actions.
  6. If all is well, click “Complete Check.”
  7. Expect an email confirming your active policy.
  8. If everything is in order, you’re good to go!

To check through your registration office:

  1. Gather necessary documents for vehicle registration.
  2. Create duplicates for security.
  3. Safely store originals away from direct light.

What to Do If Your Auto Insurance is Inactive

If your auto insurance company tells you your insurance policy is not active, don’t panic.

The most crucial thing you can do is find out why the insurance policy is not valid.

If the insurance company did not renew the policy because of insufficient or missed payment, make the necessary arrangements to pay your dues and restore your insurance.

However, if the insurer chose not to renew due to accidents, traffic violations, or excessive claims, it’s time to seek new auto insurance from a different provider.

How to Renew My Auto/Car Insurance

To renew your car insurance, you can follow these steps.

First, get in touch with your insurance company and request a renewal form.

Fill out the form and send it back to your insurer.

Next, verify with your state’s department of motor vehicles (DMV) if your policy is valid.

Your DMV will have details on when the policy was created, its expiry date, and whether any changes or renewals were done.

If everything is fine, you can proceed to renew your policy.

Otherwise, you may have to look for new insurance.

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When to Check My Auto Insurance Status

There are various situations prompting the need to verify auto insurance coverage. Some instances include:

  1. Borrowing a car: Before driving a borrowed car, ensure it has the necessary insurance coverage.
  2. Business ownership with company cars: Confirm that employees driving company cars have proper insurance coverage.
  3. Divorce: When dividing cars post-divorce, maintain auto insurance on the vehicle you retain.
  4. Driving students: If a parent is chauffeuring students, ensure they have adequate auto insurance coverage.
  5. Accidents with another driver: In the event of an accident with another driver, verify each other’s car insurance coverage.
  6. Concerns about lapsed coverage: If there’s worry about a coverage lapse due to missed payments, check your insurance status.

In any of these situations, confirm auto insurance status by contacting the insurance company or DMV.

Avoid the risk of driving without insurance or having an uninsured motorist operating one of your vehicles.


For every car owner, it is important to know how to check if your auto insurance is active.

Checking whether your auto insurance is active is important to avoid legal troubles and financial losses in case of an accident.

Additionally, there are several ways to verify your auto insurance status.

Some of which are:

  • checking your proof of insurance card,
  • contacting your insurance company,
  • visiting your local DMV, or
  • asking the other driver.

By following these steps, you can ensure that you have the right coverage for your vehicle and drive safely on the road.

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