How to Bill Auto Insurance for Massage Therapy

Let us discuss  How to Bill Auto Insurance for Massage Therapy.

Not all insurance plans cover massage, but it depends on your state’s rules for massage therapists.

If your state considers them healthcare providers, you can accept insurance.

Check with your state’s massage board to confirm your provider status and insurance options.

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How to Bill Auto Insurance for Massage Therapy
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Master Massage Billing with Insurance!

You’ll learn:

  • How to handle insurance forms for your clients
  • How to check if their insurance covers massage
  • The proper way to bill insurance companies
  • How to keep track of your payments
  • Dealing with insurance claim follow-ups

Should you accept Insurance for Massages?

This article explores the pros and cons to help you decide.


  • More clients: Insurance coverage makes massage more affordable for clients, potentially increasing your business.
  • Helping those in need: You can reach clients who might not be able to afford massage otherwise.


  • Paperwork burden: Dealing with insurance paperwork and pre-authorizations can be time-consuming.
  • Lower income: Insurance reimbursement rates may be lower than your usual fees.
  • Need for prescriptions: Some plans require a doctor’s prescription for massage coverage.

Getting Started with Insurance Billing in Your Massage Practice:

  1. Gather client info: Have clients fill out insurance paperwork during their first appointment.
  2. Verify coverage: Check the client’s insurance plan details to confirm massage coverage.
  3. Deliver the massage: Provide the client with their scheduled massage treatment.
  4. Document the session: Create thorough SOAP notes for each massage.
  5. Submit for payment:
  • Health insurance: Complete the CMS-1500 form and send it to the client’s insurance company.
  • Auto accident/Worker’s Comp.: Fill out the CMS-1500 form and send it to the adjuster along with your SOAP notes, a W-9 form, and any required prescription.
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Billing Auto Insurance for Massage Therapy
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Feeling overwhelmed by insurance billing?

This downloadable toolkit simplifies the process for just $9.99!

What’s included?

  • Save time: Get pre-made client insurance forms.
  • Plan your finances: Use the financial forecasting spreadsheet.
  • Bill with ease: Access the CMS-1500 form and other billing templates.
  • Stay organized: Track payments with the included system.
  • Bonus: Learn more about insurance billing with the resource sheet.

This toolkit is perfect if you already understand the basics but need extra help with the paperwork and organization.


While auto insurance may cover massage therapy for injuries sustained in an accident, the billing process can involve extra steps compared to health insurance.

Remember, to ensure successful reimbursement:

  • Confirm with the client: Double-check that their auto insurance covers massage therapy for their specific situation.
  • Gather documentation: Collect the adjuster’s contact information and any required paperwork like prescriptions.
  • Detailed SOAP notes: Document the injury, treatment plan, and progress in your SOAP notes for the adjuster.
  • Accurate billing: Fill out the CMS-1500 form accurately and submit it along with your SOAP notes and W-9 form to the adjuster.

Be prepared for potential delays or denials, and consider following up with the adjuster if needed.

Resources are also available, such as massage billing toolkits, to help streamline the process.


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