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Haven Insurance is a specialized home and motor insurance provider established in 2002.

They focus on offering tailored solutions for customers facing challenges in the general insurance market.

Based in Gibraltar, Haven complies with EU rules, prioritizes customer satisfaction, and engages regulatory bodies.

They emphasize full data protection compliance and membership in industry associations.

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What is Haven Auto Insurance
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Types of Car Insurance offered

Haven offers a variety of insurance products, ranging from Private Car, Taxi, Motor Trade, and Motor Fleet to Commercial Vehicle, Learner Driver, and Household insurance.

Tailored for specific markets, their flexible coverage includes options such as telematics, impound recovery, and short-term policies.

The specialized underwriting team ensures coverage for risks that may be challenging to find elsewhere in the market.

An image illustration of Haven Auto Insurance
Haven Auto Insurance
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Claiming your Haven Car Insurance

Please feel free to report it anytime, day or night.

Haven’s claims team can help you with:

  1. Repair your vehicle through their trusted repair network.
  2. Connecting you with solicitors to recover uninsured losses in non-fault accidents.
  3. Providing replacement hire vehicles in non-fault accidents, based on availability.

If you’re in an accident, follow these steps:

  1. Move to a safe place away from traffic.
  2. Don’t admit fault at the scene.
  3. Exchange names, addresses, and phone numbers with everyone involved.
  4. Share registration numbers and vehicle details.
  5. Take pictures of vehicles, registrations, and any passengers.
  6. If safe, snap pictures of the accident scene.
  7. Get names and contact info from any witnesses.
  8. If there are injuries, call the police and emergency services immediately.

Remember to report any incident to Haven’s claims team within 24 hours.


  1. How can I report a claim with Haven Auto Insurance?
    • You can report a claim 24/7 by contacting Haven’s claims team. They will guide you through the process and assist with repairs, legal matters, and replacement vehicles if needed.
  2. What types of auto insurance does Haven offer?
    • Haven provides a range of auto insurance products, including Private Car, Taxi, Motor Trade, Motor Fleet, Commercial Vehicle, Learner Driver, and Household insurance, each tailored to specific needs.
  3. What steps should I take after a car accident with Haven Auto Insurance?
    • In the event of an accident, ensure everyone’s safety, exchange necessary details, take photos of the scene and vehicles, and report the incident to Haven’s claims team within 24 hours. They guide protecting your policy and managing costs.


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