Does my Auto Insurance cover my Travel Trailer?

Does my Auto Insurance cover my Travel Trailer?

In most cases, your car insurance will provide coverage for your trailer, primarily for liability protection.

If you desire more comprehensive coverage for your personal belongings, you should consider obtaining RV insurance.

Travel trailers, lacking a fixed location and not having their own motor, don’t fit neatly into established insurance categories like home, auto, or RV insurance.

Insurance providers typically offer policies tailored to address the specific risks associated with a particular type of property.

When there are unique features related to the insured property, insurance companies will develop a specialized insurance category to address those distinctions.

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Does my Auto Insurance Cover my Travel Trailer
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Do you need insurance for your travel trailer?

Typically, your auto insurance will provide some coverage when you’re towing the trailer, but this coverage is limited to liability and doesn’t protect your trailer itself.

In other words, your auto insurance will only cover damage caused by your trailer to other people and their property.

Depending on the type of travel trailer insurance you opt for, it can go beyond basic liability coverage to fill in the gaps left by your home and auto insurance policies.

While your home or renters insurance may offer some coverage for personal belongings stored outside your home, like a travel trailer, it usually falls short of providing the full value of your belongings (typically around 5 to 10% less).

This level of coverage is insufficient if you have valuable items stored in your trailer.

Furthermore, travel trailer insurance provides physical coverage similar to auto insurance.

Without this coverage, you’d be responsible for covering the costs of any damages in the event of an accident.

Understanding What Travel Trailer Insurance Includes

Now that we’ve established the importance of having travel trailer insurance, let’s delve into what it actually encompasses.

  1. Liability Coverage As mentioned earlier, your auto insurance’s liability coverage applies to your travel trailer while you’re towing it. Nevertheless, if you live in your travel trailer full-time or use it frequently, it’s advisable to consider additional liability coverage that exceeds your original auto policy.
  2. Comprehensive Coverage Typically not part of a standard policy, comprehensive coverage protects your travel trailer against damages resulting from:
  • Theft
  • Animal-related incidents
  • Vandalism
  • Fires
  • Severe weather, including floods
  1. Collision Coverage Similar to your auto insurance, collision coverage safeguards your travel trailer in the event of damage caused by a traffic accident.

What Travel Trailer Insurance Doesn’t Include

While travel trailer insurance shares some similarities with both homeowners and auto insurance.

There are certain items often excluded from these types of coverage that are addressed by travel trailer policies.

For example, damages caused by flooding, which is typically not covered by homeowners insurance.

It fall under the purview of comprehensive coverage in travel trailer insurance.

Likewise, personal belongings, often excluded from auto insurance coverage, can find protection through your travel trailer insurance.

However, there are certain aspects that a standard travel trailer insurance policy may not cover:

  1. Normal wear and tear
  2. Intentional damage
  3. Damages incurred while the vehicle is being used in a manner prohibited by the policy, such as participating in a race.

Additional Coverage Options for Travel Trailer Insurance

For those who spend a significant amount of time in their travel trailers or possess trailers of considerable value, exploring supplementary coverage options is advisable.

  1. Personal Property Coverage If your travel trailer houses costly equipment or valuable possessions, it’s prudent to consider extra insurance to safeguard your belongings. Typically, you can determine the amount of personal property coverage you require.
  2. Full-Time Coverage If you use your travel trailer as your full-time residence, you should contemplate a policy more akin to homeowners insurance, potentially with elevated liability or medical payments to others.
  3. Total Loss Replacement As the name implies, this coverage proves beneficial when you own an expensive travel trailer. The specifics may vary among insurance companies, but this coverage replaces your completely damaged trailer with a model that is within five years of its age.
  4. Emergency Expense Coverage In the unfortunate event that your travel trailer becomes uninhabitable due to damage, this coverage will assist in covering your additional living expenses, provided you are beyond a certain distance from your primary residence.
  5. Towing and Roadside Assistance The extent of coverage for towing and roadside assistance varies depending on your insurance company and the terms of your policy.

Common Discounts for Travel Trailer Insurance

The cost of travel trailer insurance can vary widely, influenced by factors like your trailer type and chosen coverage options.

Nevertheless, there are some general cost-saving strategies we can highlight.

  1. Multi-Policy Discount When you obtain your travel trailer insurance from the same insurer that provides your auto policy, you can anticipate a multi-policy discount.
  2. Adjust Your Deductible If you’re concerned about the increased cost of insuring your camper, consider the interplay between your deductible (the amount you pay in a claim) and your premium. By opting for a higher deductible, you can lower your premium.
  3. Upfront Premium Payment If you have the financial means to do so, paying your premium in a lump sum can result in cost savings. Typically, insurance companies refer to this as a “paid in full” discount.
An image illustration Auto Insurance cover my Travel Trailer
Auto Insurance cover my Travel Trailer
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Companies Providing Travel Trailer Insurance

Here are some prominent companies offering comprehensive travel trailer insurance policies.

To obtain insurance quotes for your trailer, reach out to an insurance agent or contact one of these providers:

  • Farmers
  • Progressive
  • The Hartford

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