Does Medicare Cover Auto Accidents in Michigan?

Does Medicare Cover Auto Accidents in Michigan?

In Michigan, your auto insurance typically covers most medical bills from an accident first.

If you have Medicare, it can then help pay for additional expenses for services covered by Medicare that your auto insurance doesn’t cover.

This applies to both Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans.

An image illustrating if Medicare covers auto Accidents in Michigan
Does Medicare Cover Auto Accidents in Michigan
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What are the changes to Michigan’s no-fault Auto Law?

Michigan’s auto insurance law got an overhaul!

You can now choose how much personal injury protection (PIP) you want in your car insurance, unlike before when unlimited coverage was mandatory.

This PIP helps pay for medical needs after an accident, even for things regular Medicare might not cover, like rides to doctor visits or help around the house.

What information might my auto insurance agent request?

To process your auto insurance, your agent might need some verification from your health insurance.

They may ask for proof that your health coverage meets their requirements (a qualified health coverage document).

They might also want a document explaining how your health and auto insurance work together to pay for accident-related medical bills (coordination of benefits letter).

These documents are usually available online through your health insurance provider’s website, or you can call the number on your member ID card and request them.

Has Medicaid Covered Auto Accident Injuries in Michigan Historically?

In the past, Michigan’s Medicaid program wasn’t supposed to pay for car accident injuries.

It’s like Medicare, considered a secondary payer by law.

This means if you had auto insurance (no-fault), Medicaid wouldn’t cover your medical bills.

Even in the unlikely situation where Medicaid did pay, they’d try to get their money back from you later, often by placing a lien on any compensation you might receive for pain and suffering in a lawsuit.

This also holds for the future, where Medicaid might seek repayment from any extra money you get beyond medical expenses in a lawsuit.

Are you having an accident outside Michigan?

No worries, your Michigan auto insurance, and Medicare should still cover you.

However the details might differ depending on your plan and the state of the accident.

It’s best to chat with your auto insurance agent to get a clearer picture.

Need more info?

Your auto insurance agent is your best bet for understanding how the new no-fault law impacts your coverage, since no-fault is an auto insurance issue, not a health insurance one.

Additionally, the Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS) can answer your questions as well.

Wrap up

While Medicare can play a role in covering medical expenses after a car accident in Michigan, it’s not always the primary payer.

Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance typically comes first. Medicare may then help with additional costs for covered services not covered by auto insurance.

However, it has limitations and won’t cover everything a no-fault policy might, like transportation or in-home care.

For the most comprehensive coverage, ensure you understand your auto insurance policy and Medicare plan.

An image illustration of Medicare Covering Auto Accidents in Michigan
Medicare Covering Auto Accidents in Michigan
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