Can I buy Mexican Auto Insurance at the border?

Many folks have plenty of good reasons to drive to Mexico; vacation, dental work, and medical trips top the list.

Every year, millions of Americans head across the border to soak up the sun in Baja California, save on medical and dental costs in places like Tijuana, and explore nearby towns.

The appeal is clear, drawing both one-time visitors and those who regularly visit Mexico!

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Crossing the Mexican Border by Car
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Can I buy Mexican Auto Insurance at the border?

Yes, you can buy Mexican Auto Insurance at the border.

But here’s the downside, it’s gonna cost you more than if you plan and got it before the trip.

With prior acquisition, you can save substantially.

You could save half of what they might charge you at the border.

This is because they figure you won’t want to spend too much time looking for insurance when you’re all set to cross the border and hit the road.

They’ll hit you with questions like how old you are, how long you’ll be around, and where you’re headed.

So, what’s the damage?

Do you have to get insurance for driving in Mexico?

Yes, you do.

Even if your U.S. insurance gives you a bit of coverage close to the border, Mexican authorities won’t accept it.

So, you’ve got to get a Mexican insurance policy, especially if you end up in a crash.

If you’re in an accident without Mexican car insurance, you might face hefty fines, or worse, end up in jail with your car taken away.

How much is Mexican car insurance for tourists?

Wondering about the price tag for Mexican car insurance on your vacation?

Well, it could be anywhere from $50 to $80 if you’re sticking with liability coverage and $150 to $200 if you want the full coverage.

The final bill depends on things like how valuable your car is, how long you’re staying, and the types of coverage you pick.

What kind of auto insurance is available when traveling to Mexico?

When you’re driving in Mexico, you’ve got two main types of auto insurance, just like in the US: there’s Liability Only and Full Coverage.

But here’s the thing, Liability Only can be different depending on the company.

That’s why many folks go for Full Coverage when they’re cruising across the border.

It pretty much covers you in most situations, giving you peace of mind in case things go south.

You’ve got plenty of Mexico auto insurance choices, but the big question is, when’s the best time to buy it?

Liability car insurance in Mexico

Mexican law says you have to have liability insurance.

This kicks in if you cause an accident, covering injuries and damage to other people’s stuff.

You can pick how much coverage you want, like up to $500,000 with Allstate and Geico or up to $300,000 with The General, for your Mexico trips.

It’s smart to get as much liability coverage as you can.

In Mexico, the rules are different than in the U.S.

If you cause an accident that leads to someone’s death, Mexican law says your insurance has to pay a specific amount, calculated by multiplying the state’s minimum wage by 5,000, plus funeral costs, per person.

The state might then multiply this total by up to five times, or a judge could decide the limit in some places.

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Other types of auto insurance coverage for driving in Mexico

Liability insurance won’t help if your car gets damaged or if you and your passengers get hurt. To cover these situations, you can get extra types of coverage like:

  1. Physical damage coverage: This pays out if your car is stolen or damaged, whether from an accident, vandalism, fire, flood, hail, or falling objects.
  2. Medical payments: Covers medical expenses for you and your passengers if you’re injured in a car accident.
  3. Legal assistance: If you’re in a car accident in Mexico, this helps with legal costs like hiring an attorney, court expenses, and bail bonds.
  4. Roadside assistance: If your car breaks down in Mexico, this covers services like towing, jump-starting a battery, locksmith services, or changing a flat tire.
  5. Medical evacuation: If you’re injured in a car accident, this pays for emergency transportation to a hospital or treatment center.

Wondering where to get Mexican auto insurance? Here’s the scoop:

  1. Get a Separate Mexican Policy: Buy a Mexican auto insurance policy, it’s different from your U.S. one. You can grab it from companies like Baja Bound or Geico that work with Mexican insurers.
  2. Check for U.S. Policy Add-Ons: Your U.S. auto insurance might have an add-on called a Limited Mexico Coverage Endorsement. This extends your coverage a bit into Mexico, but there’s a limit. For instance, if you have an accident within 10 miles of the border, your U.S. policy’s collision insurance might kick in.
  3. Shop Around: It’s smart to compare quotes from different Mexican car insurance companies. That way, you can find the best deal and coverage for your trip.


While the prospect of purchasing Mexican auto insurance at the border may seem convenient, it’s essential to navigate this decision with careful consideration.

The convenience comes at a cost, often resulting in higher premiums compared to planning ahead and obtaining coverage beforehand.

Understanding the different types of coverage, such as liability, physical damage, medical, and legal assistance, ensures that you’re adequately protected during your travels in Mexico

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