A&A Auto Insurance

Let us discuss about A&A Auto Insurance.

With 4 million vehicles on New Zealand‘s roads, car insurance is essential.

Canstar compares AA Insurance, an independent venture of NZAA, and Vero, showcasing expertise since 1994.

Covering home, contents, and car insurance, AA Insurance also offers commercial small business insurance since 2018.

With 860 employees, they serve 470,000 customers and underwrite policies directly.

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A&A Insurance
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What types of car insurance policies does A&A Insurance provide?

AA Insurance presents customers with a selection of three insurance options:

Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft, and Third Party Only.

All these policies come with a lifetime repair guarantee, one-event-one-excess cover, and the possibility of multi-policy discounts for holders of two or more policies.

Details of A&A’s Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

AA Insurance identifies its Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy as its most popular coverage.

This policy offers customers various benefits, including:

  • Insurance up to an agreed value
  • Coverage for damage to the insured’s car and damage to other people’s property (up to $20 million for legal liability)
  • Towing, storage, and transport costs in the event of an accident
  • Road clearing and emergency costs
  • Excess-free replacement of keys and locks up to $1000 in case of key theft

Additionally, the policy provides two optional benefits, namely Excess-Free Glass Cover and Rental Cover, which can be added for an extra cost.

Details of A&A Insurance’s Third Party, Fire & Theft Policy

AA Insurance’s Third Party, Fire & Theft Insurance policy addresses damage caused to someone else’s property by the insured, as well as fire and theft damage to the insured’s vehicle.

The policy also includes coverage for damage to the insured’s vehicle by an at-fault uninsured driver, up to $4000.

Provided the driver admits fault and the insured can provide their registration and contact details.

This policy also offers the optional benefit of Excess-Free Glass Cover for an additional cost.

Information about A&A Insurance’s Third-Party Policy

This cost-effective alternative provides coverage for harm inflicted by the policyholder on someone else’s property but excludes coverage for damage to the policyholder’s vehicle.

Nevertheless, if the insured vehicle sustains damage from an at-fault uninsured driver, the policy will compensate for the damage, up to $4000.

Under the condition that the other driver acknowledges fault, the insured can furnish their registration and contact details.

An image illustration of A&A Auto Insurance
A&A Auto Insurance
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What sets A&A Insurance Car Insurance apart?

AA Insurance distinguishes itself by providing a lifetime repair guarantee for work carried out by its Quality Repairer Network.

This guarantee ensures that repairs are covered for the entire lifespan of the insured’s car, even if it is sold.

A&A Auto Insurance Conclusion

A&A Auto Insurance offers reliable and customer-focused coverage, including Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft, and Third Party Only policies.

With a lifetime repair guarantee and a commitment to customer satisfaction, A&A is a trusted choice for comprehensive auto insurance.


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