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Whether you’re engaged in daily tasks, commuting to your job, or organizing a journey by road with loved ones, your reliance on your vehicle to transport you to your destination, prioritizing safety, is evident.

In the event of an unfortunate collision, you can rely on our agency and the protective provisions of your auto insurance plan to assist you in swiftly recovering and resuming your course.

An image illustration of Motor insurance cover
Motor insurance cover
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What does comprehensive insurance cover?

Comprehensive auto insurance is a policy that assists in covering the expenses of replacing or fixing your vehicle if it’s stolen or harmed in a situation that doesn’t involve a collision.

Comprehensive coverage, often referred to as “non-collision” coverage, generally encompasses damages caused by events such as fire, vandalism, or objects falling (such as trees or hail).

How does Comprehensive Plus car insurance vary from standard Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Similar to Comprehensive Car Insurance, we provide coverage for situations such as storms, theft, and damage from accidents.

However, Comprehensive Plus goes a step further by offering additional benefits like a replacement vehicle if your car becomes undrivable after any covered incident, even if the incident was your fault.

How does auto insurance function in the United States?

Car insurance covers vehicle damages, provides financial safeguarding for injuries, and addresses medical expenses in collisions.

Monthly costs average $168 for comprehensive and $52 for minimal coverage in the US.

Carol Pope, a former Bankrate insurance writer, spent 12 years as an auto insurance agent before joining the team.

An image illustration of Auto Plus Insurance
Auto Plus Insurance
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Is it against the law to operate a vehicle without insurance in the United States?

Driving without insurance is considered unlawful in nearly all states across the U.S.

The repercussions for driving without insurance can differ significantly, with penalties spanning from minor consequences to substantial fines and potential imprisonment.

Is car insurance a requirement in the United States?

Nearly every state mandates car insurance.

The specific coverage types and minimums can differ.

All states that enforce insurance regulations necessitate liability coverage for property damage and bodily injuries.

The only exclusion is Florida, where only liability coverage for property damage is obligatory, along with the inclusion of PIP coverage.

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